Saturday, December 4, 2010

Small miracle

Jessica is in a play for the next couple of weeks. A semi-professional production company needed 100 kids to play elves in their Christmas play. The kids actually play 2 parts: elf and child. When they're the child, they wear PJ's and for elves they wear a Santa hat and "something festive." Jessica is wearing a Christmas dress, red velour.

So, today Xander had a birthday party to go to from 11 to 12:30 and then Jessica had to be at the matinee performance at 12:45. We had to go straight from the party to the play, so she wore her Christmas dress, which is the first outfit she needs.

I had forgotten the party was at "Plaster Fun Time." Kids pick out a premade plaster creature and then paint it. I had somehow hoped that Xander would just let me drop him off, but not only didn't that happen, he spent much of the party saying "I want to go home!" At least he didn't cry most of the time like another kid. Since I had to stay, I let Jessica pick out something to paint.

She wore a smock, but the entire time I kept saying, "Be careful of your dress, be careful of your dress." Not a drop on it. It was a Christmas miracle.

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