Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cat envy

Jessica feels kind of bad that our kitten Lily seems to prefer me over her. I tried to make her feel better by saying maybe it was because I'm the one that feeds her, but I suspect it's also because I am a lot more gentle with her. I don't, for example, try to wrap her up in a blanket and cradle her in my arms like a baby (although, to be fair, sometimes Lily actually seems to enjoy this). I also don't chase her all over the apartment when she jumps out of my arms. And when I'm holding her, if she struggles, I let her go. But I'm sure if I'd had a kitten when I was Jessica's age, I'd be doing exactly what Jessica is doing.

* * *

On a completely different note, last year Jessica shocked me by telling me she was willing to wear jeans. To her credit she did wear them occasionally, but I probably could have gotten by with one pair instead of the 3 that I bought.

This year, she announced she didn't want jeans. This didn't shock me. So I haven't bought her any.

Today when I met her at school, she firmly announced that she wanted to wear jeans. Since this contradicted her statement of a couple of weeks ago, I asked why.

"So I can put my baby Zhu-zhu pet in the pocket."

Of course. Why else would someone want to wear a particular item of clothing?

This comes from her new friend Sarah who brought her baby Zhu-zhu pet to school yesterday and apparently kept it in her pocket. Since Jessica didn't have pockets, I'm guessing she was forced to keep her toy in her backpack.

I guess we're going jeans shopping tomorrow.

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