Saturday, July 3, 2010


Jessica left today to stay with Nanamma and Tattya for a week. She was really excited about going but warned me no phone calls in the evening. This is because when she talked to me in the evening when she visited last summer, it made her sad because she missed me.

So, instead at about 6:30, she called Hari on his phone. Hari and I both love to talk to Jessica on her phone because her voice somehow sounds higher pitched and she sounds younger even than she really is.

It was funny listening to Hari's end of the conversation. Apparently Jessica was under the impression that they had just gotten home (I drove halfway and her grandparents drove halfway and we met in the middle). I knew for a fact they had gotten home about 4 hours earlier, but in the mind of a 6 year old, that translated to "a little while ago."

Then I heard him say, "It's the same time here, Jessica. We're in the same time zone." Apparently because it was 6:30 and getting dark, she thought it was later there than it was here.

I miss her already!