Saturday, February 27, 2010

Everybody loves Saturday (afternoon)

The fun never ends here on weekends. For example, an earlier conversation:

Jessica: "Where's Cute?" (her doll). "It's been a while since I changed her diaper."
Yeah, I thought, like 2 or 3 weeks.

Now she's squeezed into her size 3-4 costume from her second (and last) ballet recital. For the record she wears a size 6/7.

Here's how she looked:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yet more abc's

We're visiting Aunt Nutan. When we went to have breakfast yesterday, she didn't have the same semi-sugary cereal we have at home. So I read off the cereal they had: shredded wheat, cheerios, raisin bran, special K.

Jessica: "What does the K stand for?"

Good question.

* * *
Then there's her other question. I give the kids fluoride pills because we have a well and the water isn't fluoridated. It's in a child-resistant container. Several times she has asked me how to open it. I tell her I can't tell her. Then she also asks, "How does the container know if you're a child or adult?"

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Jessica is learning to read and write. This is, in general, a wonderful thing. But now that she's learning to write and spell, she tries to spell everything.

Half of her sentences are like this:
"Mom, can I have some d?" (as in d for dessert)
"Are we going to the j?" (j for gym; close enough)
"Let's read a b." (b for book)

Sometimes it's obvious what word the letter she's saying is meant to represent. Sometimes it's not. It's a little tiring to spend so much time deciphering what she has to say. Just SAY it.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Last night Jessica came up to me. She said, "I have something for you. You can't hold it in your hand, but you can hold it in your heart." And she gave me a kiss.

Really, how sweet is that?

Sunday, February 7, 2010


A use for all those annoying little flowers that come with the Playmobil fairy sets Jessica is so fond of. Every set comes with what seems like dozens of tiny little flowers that, at adult height, look remarkably similar to crumbs. I'm forever picking them up off the floor or, in a less tolerant frame of mind, vacuuming them up.

Well, Jessica came home from school last week with a notice saying that for the 100th day of school, they should bring in 100 of something. Hari had a fine time suggesting various things of which Jessica could bring in: 100 little brothers, 100 bricks, 100 cats, etc. I was more boring and could only come up with paper clips or pennies. But then one of Jessica's friend's mom posted on Facebook that her son was bringing in 100 army men. That got me to thinking about Jessica's vast toy collection. Surely there had to be 100 of *something* in there. Hari thought there would be 100 Polly Pockets but I knew without looking that that wasn't true.

That was when my mind turned to Playmobil, pioneer of toys with tons of very tiny parts. And then I had my flash of genius: the flowers.

So I went through the 2 main rooms where the playmobil toys are kept, and even found a few just walking from room to room. In the end, we had 101 flowers. Jessica counted them herself, 10 piles of ten. Plus--very easy to transport back and forth to school and if she loses them? BONUS.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lights camera action!

We got a call from Jessica's modeling agency last Thursday that she'd been booked (hired) for a commercial. When we got to the studio yesterday, we found out it wasn't actually a commercial but a short film to publicize the new airport in Dubai, and would only be shown over in Dubai. Bummer.

Still it was pretty cool. The scenes she had to shoot (nonspeaking) were her and her little "brother" waiting in the airport, watching the planes, riding in a car, walking down a hallway with her "mother" and then going to greet her "father" when he arrived home from a trip. It was all done with "green screen" so they had to do a lot of pretending that things were there that weren't.

She did really well! It was kind of a long day, from 8am to 2pm. She took direction pretty well and wasn't shy at all. Plus she got a new toy and a new red dress (with matching dollie dress for baby doll Cute) out of it. Oh, and they're paying her too. Not bad for a day's work.

I have the email address of one of the people working on the project so hopefully we'll be able to get a copy of it or somehow see a copy of it.

Pictures to follow. Blurry, because no flash allowed. = )

Next stop: Hollywood?

Here's a link to some pictures: