Friday, January 8, 2010

That's what I've been doing wrong...

Ever since Jessica started school, she has barely been touching her lunch. This is because the kids are read a story when they're done with lunch and she doesn't want to miss the story.

Every so often, once or twice a month at most, I give her money to buy ice cream. I did it this week. She had the audacity to come home and complain I gave her too much lunch and she didn't have enough time to finish her ice cream because she had to eat part of her lunch before they would let her buy ice cream.

I'd had enough of the non-eating at that point. I told her no more ice cream if she continued not to eat her lunch (or hardly eat it). Three days in a row she came home having eaten all or most of her lunch. Today we had a bit of a setback, but still, going in the right direction.

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