Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I've always known Jessica would be late losing her baby teeth because "they" say if you get your baby teeth in late, you'll lose them late. She was almost a year old before the first tooth poked through, and Jessica, being Jessica, couldn't get the teeth most kids get first: the bottom center two; not even the top center two for my girl. She got the ones on top next to the center two: FANGS.

The whole fangs thing is kind of ironic given that yesterday Jessica said her bottom tooth was feeling funny. Hari looked in and saw a permanent tooth starting to come in behind one of the front baby teeth. Some internet research revealed to me that this phenomenon occurs frequently and is usually the bottom 2 front teeth. It's known as "shark teeth" presumably because sharks have several rows of teeth (Thank you "Magic School Bus: the Great Shark Escape.")

She was very excited at the prospect of losing her first baby tooth. Not that the baby tooth is anywhere near loose, but she's been watching her friends lose teeth for months now, and I'm guessing she's going to do her best to make it loose. Guess the Tooth Fairy better educate herself as to the current going rates for lost teeth.


Kristin said...

When I posted about this on Facebook, (or maybe the twins list, I forget which), the general consensus was about $1 per tooth. Some people give little toys. Rowan got a gold dollar coin last week for his first tooth, and will get another one tonight for the second tooth. Somehow that first one made me really feel like he's growing up.

Anonymous said...

Another milestone for my favorite

Grandpa Dan