Thursday, October 8, 2009

Recon Mission

I've been kind of concerned at how much of Jessica's lunch comes back home every day. I wasn't sure if there was any supervision at the lunch table. Whenever I asked her why she wasn't eating her lunch, she would whine that she wanted to go to the stage. The first time I had gone to lunch, the kids were allowed to read books that were set out on one of the tables. I figured they must have moved the books to the stage.

Still, I was worried about her eating habits. So, I made my way to school today for my second lunch of the year with her.

I love having lunch with 20 kindergartners. Although since I was the big person at the table, I had to open several milks (not Jessica's though) and one rice crispie bar.

It became clear pretty quickly why so much food was coming back home. I was only there for maybe 20 minutes and I said at least half a dozen times, "Eat!"

The principal walked around the lunch room, paying special attention to the kindergartners. At one point I saw her tell one of Jessica's classmates that she needed to eat more. When I heard her say that, I told her that was exactly the reason I was there.

Finally, Jessica ate a little food, drank all of her milk. The big draw away from the table was that one of the adults in the cafeteria would sit on the stage and read to the kids. I let her go listen to the story that was being read.

I then chatted briefly with the principal and expressed my concern about Jessica's eating habits. She said they make sure the kids eat *something* before they're allowed to leave the table. Jessica was one of the 3 girls singled out as "pokey" eaters.

I feel better, though, knowing that there is some supervision going on. And I can't wait for my next lunch date with the little cutie!

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