Monday, October 19, 2009

The Princess Turns 6

Happy 6th birthday!

My baby turned 6 on Saturday. I think she had a good day. She got to lounge around in her pajamas till 10:00 or so, opened her presents in her pajamas. Then when she had to get dressed, she got to put on her Halloween costume because her party was Saturday and she had asked for a Halloween themed party.

It was a lot of fun, actually. I had fun picking out decorations and putting together the party favors. I'll admit, though, I stole that idea, along with a few others, from other parties we've been to. It was a pizza party, too, so I went to pick up the pizza and the BARBIE CAKE about an hour before the party started. The Barbie cake, as you can see, was a very important part of the party.

Things never go how you think they will, especially with younger children. For example, I figured not every would eat their pizza at the same rate. So I bought a bunch of mini pumpkins and some markers and planned to tell the kids they could decorate pumpkins when they were done eating.

After the first couple of kids finished eating, I announced this plan and immediately every child got up, left the kitchen and stampeded towards where I had the pumpkins set up.

Then I forgot to do one of the games I had planned, which actually bummed me out.

They opened presents, ate cake, trashed Jessica's room and left with party bags. All in all, a success.

Now I kind of feel like Halloween is over, even though it's not for another 2 weeks.

Oh, and then there was the matching pajama thing with Mommy:

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