Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm not sure I like the territory we're entering

Last Saturday, Xander and Jessica's daycare/camp had a summer outing at a lake where the older kids go every day for camp. There were PONY RIDES, so of course we had to go. I, predictably, got off to a late start. The kids were at a playdate and I was reluctant to pull them away early. Then we got into the car and our extremely unreliable GPS wouldn't pick up a signal. I floundered my way through downtown Worcester before finally getting onto Route 9, and we were good.

However, the result was that we didn't get there till past 1:00, and the outing was from 11 to 3. I immediately put Jessica on a pony, because I wasn't sure how long the pony rides were going to last. We got some lunch (pasta salad, hot dogs, chips, the usual barbeque fare). Then we went to go swimming. As I was reaching into our bag, I had a very clear memory of telling myself to throw in Jessica's bathing suit. I had an equally clear memory of not having done it.

Fortunately, I knew there was a Walmart nearby. And just a few days earlier, I had mentioned to Hari that I needed to buy some size 6 bathings suits now, because Jessica would need them for winter swim lessons and I had a terrible time trying to find size 5 bathing suits in the middle of winter this past year. So I thought this was actually a good thing, because I'd buy her a size 6 bathing suit now, and she'd have it.

Now for the troublesome part. They were rather limited on size 6/6X bathing suits. Since I refused to buy a Sponge Bob bathing suit, that left us exactly one choice. So I bought it. First, it's a little big, which led to exposure issues, but even if it weren't big, it's extremely provactively cut. Why does a 6 year old need a provacative bathing suit? Argh!!!!!

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