Friday, August 7, 2009

The end of an era

Jessica has, for several years, been obssessed with the colors pink and purple, to the point where she refused to wear anything else. I could occasionally slip in an orange or a cyan but for the most part, her wardrobe was P&P.

Today, we were at Target. They had T-shirts on sale, and she's outgrowing her 5's, so I decided to get a few for school. She was with me, so I grabbed the plain pastel pink top and asked her if she wanted it, as I was throwing it into the cart.


Scrreeeeeeech. It was like the sound of rubbing the needle against a vinyl record.

What? No?

She then pointed out a polka dotted purple shirt she wanted. Okay, that was within the accepted color scheme. Then she picked, gasp, a blue (and pink) striped shirt. I told her she could also get the pink shirt (they were only $4; what can I say, I'm a big spender). Still no. She told me she wanted the ones with patterns.

Daring to be bold, I asked if she wanted the polka dotted brown shirt. And she said yes!

Really pushing my luck, I asked her what she would wear them with. Would she wear them with jeans?


You all probably felt the earth stop spinning for that single moment.

Jeans. My girl agreed to wear jeans.

Of course, it's a big step from saying she's going to wear them and having her actually willingly put them on, but it's a good first step.

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