Thursday, June 4, 2009

Apparently bribery works

In the ongoing battle to get Jessica out of my bed (or, to be more precise, to get me out of her bed), I've had to use bribery. At first, I offered something abstract--a sleepover! She really wants to have one but I can't let a friend come over and then have Jessica yelling for me to come down to her room with her friend there.

That didn't work. She was excited about the idea, but when I reminded her of the reward in the middle of the night, it wasn't enough to get her back into her bed alone.

What worked? (so far): Barbie! The mermaidia fairytopia barbie to be exact. We had bought a Mermaidia movie months ago and it came with advertising for all the toys that related to the movie. Well, the movie came out over 2 years ago and the toys are no longer available, especially the one she really really wanted. I finally found it on ebay (where else?) and bought it to offer as a bribe.

So, in the last week or so, she's slept 4 nights in her bed. Now, on at least 2 of those nights, I spent some time in the bottom bunk with Xander, who still wakes a couple of times a night if he's not in bed with me (working on that too, believe me). But she thought I was in my room, so I think that counts.

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