Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gag order

I knew this day would come.

Sadly, Jessica has become acutely aware of things I say about her to other people. While visiting Aunt Nutan a few weeks ago, we were talking about her infamous "I'll be pregnant" comment. Since then she's twice told me that she was "very embarrassed" by my telling other people about that, and has asked me not to tell other people about things she says.

I'm wondering if I can get by on a "don't ask, tell" policy: if I don't ask her, then it's okay to tell people about the things she says.

And it just figures that there's a pretty good story from this afternoon that she specifically told me not to tell anyone about. Since I want her to trust me when it comes to more important things, I'll honor her request. And then in a week or two I won't remember it and it will be lost forever.


Anonymous said...

You can still write the story down in your journal and not show other people, that way you'll remember it and maybe you two can laugh about it later.

Laura said...

Excellent idea! Thanks.

Nutan said...

Oh man. That must be a good story.