Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fashion Sense

Jessica has been begging me lately for a snazzy glittery glitzy gymnastics leotard. The kind half the kids in the gymnastics school are wearing. The kind that are prominently displayed in the gymnastic school's shop, which we must walk past every week to get to the gym where her class is held.

I suspected they were kind of expensive, and decided to confirm it by popping into the shop the last time we were there. The kind she wants are about $30. At first I said no, that was too expensive.

Then I began to crunch some numbers.

She'll wear it for maybe 6 months before outgrowing it (assuming she doesn't decide to quit gymnastics, which is a completely random factor.) That's 26 weeks. She wears it for an hour long class. That's 26 hours she'd be wearing it. At $30 that's a shade over $1 per hour of use. Kind of pricey.

But let's think about it.

Is it worth a shade over $1/hour to not have to listen to her whine and beg every time we go to class? It just might be. I'm conveniently ignoring the part of my mind that is telling me if I give in to her just because she's whining I'm setting a terrible precedent.

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