Friday, January 9, 2009

Victory is mine

It has been frustrating to feed Jessica lately. She either doesn't want to eat anything that's prepared for her, but has a whole lot of alternatives she expects Mom's Restaurant to serve up or wants to snack all day instead. Or she asks for more of whatever she's eating, takes 2 (or 1 or 0) mouthfuls and says she's done. Or she asks for something else while she's still eating whatever's on her plate. For example, she'll ask for a second bowl of cereal, not eat it and then demand a piece of toast.

Breakfast is hard to keep, but I've been threatening her lately that if she doesn't eat her lunch I'm going to keep it and if she's hungry in the afternoon, that's what she's going to eat. Today I made her 2 lunches. The first was PB&J because I took it to the Y. She ate some goldfish instead. When we got home she just had to have macaroni and cheese and since I had leftovers, I heated it up. I think she ate a little but not more. I told her if she was hungry later she was going to have her lunch.

Brother got a granola bar for a snack and she asked for one. I told her she could eat her lunch. No response. After a second request for a granola bar and a second reminder about her uneaten lunch she agreed to eat the PB&J! Yay! I'm sure all my meal problems are solved now, right? ; )

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