Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's different when it's my money

Jessica is one of those kids (maybe it's every kid, I don't know) who wants EVERYTHING she sees. "I want that" and "Can I have that" are her two favorite sentences. Whenever we're shopping, if I can't/don't avoid the toy aisle, I get all sorts of begging for more toys.

Well, Aunt Nutan sent her a Target gift card for her birthday (Thank you, Aunt Nutan!). We went into the toy section and all of a sudden, she was discriminating. I kept asking her, do you like this? or do you want this? but she was very choosy. She ended up with two toys and some gum. Where the idea for gum came from since I never give it her, I don't know.

I just thought it was funny how, when it was on her dime, she didn't want everything in sight.

I see a valuable lesson to be learned with giving her an allowance.

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Nutan said...

We want Halloween pics!