Sunday, September 7, 2008

Isn't that obvious?

Some time ago, I noticed Jessica had grown a lot in a short period. I told her she was growing like a weed. She thought that was the funniest expression. Recently, we were talking about how much she's grown, and I prompted her "You're growing...."

"Like a seed!" she said. Well, you know, that works too.

Now when I prompt her, I say, "You're growing" and she says, "Like a seed and a weed." She likes to cover all her bases.

Another expression that seems obvious to a 4 year old is the opposite of inside-out. For some reason, I've always said, "Right-side out." I don't even know if anyone but me describes it like that. But Jessica's way of describing it is "Out-side out." I like that better than my way.


signal-chick said...

I'm a 'right-side out' too.

Kristin said...

That's funny. Just this morning Kemper turned his inside-out shirt "outside-out" too.